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For Fiji, By Fiji…

Being a 100% Fijian company, we understand what you as business owners are going through. Payroll is a part of business that no employer can get away from, however its a task that is really not a core part of what you do.

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Our goal is to help organizations effectively keep control of their businesses and as such we have developed a payroll software that will ease the pain of not just having to run payroll each pay period, but also remain compliant to Fijian statutory laws, Submit monthly FNPF, Six monthly TPAF levy, and end of year P4 annual summary, all with a click of a button. Wait there is more.....


Why Choose Our Payroll Software…

Bula Payroll is a flexible and integrative system that is designed to meet simple or complex payroll requirements of the Fiji and South Pacific Island Countries by automating the payroll process. Our payroll solution is designed to address the requirements of organizations entire payroll and employee record needs which are unique in Fiji and the Pacific.

It works as an advanced flexible Client /server or as a standalone application offering a  comprehensive, cost-effective, in-house payroll system with easy accesible local support and customization, it Lets you fully automate payroll, setup multiple locations, with unlimited employees, and within required time frames.

Combined with our reputation of building strong business relationships that deliver solid, mutually beneficial outcomes is what makes our Payroll solution right for you. Relationships built on trust and developed by consistent performance!

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Key Features

  1. Generate electronic bank transfer files for major banks in Fiji.
  2. Generate electronic PAYE and FNPF file for monthly submission
  3. Caters for Small Loans to employees.
  4. Automation Pay slip Email.
  5. Unlimited Allowance and Deduction can be created.
  6. Leave Tracking for employees.
  7. Mini HR Tracking
  8. Enables back pay options and can be easily configured and calculated.
  9. Time Card Upload and integration
  10. Pay Preview Snap Shot
  11. MyPayroll keep information of employees personal details, Employment Details, Leave, Asset information, Qualification detail, Training records Disciplinary records etc
  12. Automation Backup
  13. Latest Tax Bracket Catered and can be maintained by yourself.
  14. Gl Integration (MYOB and major Financial packages).
  15. To help maintain data integrity and organizational confidentiality our system includes a sophisticated user access point and permissions matrix, enabling a high level of security and controlling what a user can access


Featured Reports

  1. Pay Slip
  2. Pay Journal Detail & Summary
  3. Branch Summary
  4. Department Summary
  5. Grand Summary
  6. YTD Detail and Summary
  7. Monthly Superannuation
  8. Monthly PAYE
  9. Leave Balance
  10. P41 Form
  11. Bank Report
  12. Employee Listing
  13. TPAF Report
  14. Cash Payment Listing
  15. Employee Listing
  16. Bank Deposit Report
  17. And many more…..



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