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With a track record consisting of servicing a variety of industries. some of our notable clients are Ministry of Health - GMU, Tavua College, Denarau Golf Terraces Apartments, Foundation of Education of Needy Childeren (FENC), Fiji Higher Education Commission, Footwear Manufactures Ltd, Tau Sports and many more.

The major sections of our services are as follows;

> MYOB Implementation

> MYOB Training

> MYOB Advice

> MYOB Support

> Accounting Services


MYOB Implementation
  1. Creating New Data File
  2. Creating New Data File •Creating and organizing Account List (GL Code)
  3. Import Customer Record from excel
  4. Import Supplier Record from excel Import Stock Inventory Items from excel
  5. Setting and configuration Username & Password Access Control
  6. Security Settings Creating and organizing Account List (GL Code)
  7. Handling Irregular Banking Transactions
  8. Using Security Preferences
  9. Customising Forms & Invoices
  10. Recording Customised Information


MYOB Training
  1. Creating Estimates, Orders and Invoices
  2. Stock Control
  3. VAT Tracking and Reporting
  4. Multi Currency
  5. Payroll
  6. Bank Reconciliation
  7. Setting up Additional Companies
  8. Time Billing
  9. Customizing Invoices
  10. Debtor Tracking
  11. Linked Accounts
  12. Password and Security
  13. Linking to Word and Excel
  14. Networking
  15. Restoring
  16. Customizing and Saving Reports
  17. Credit Notes
  18. Emailing of InvoicesCreating New Data File


MYOB Advice
  1. Initial setup of MYOB
  2. Setting up Stock
  3. VAT Codes
  4. Multi Currency
  5. Payroll •Chart of Accounts
  6. Additional Companies in MYOB
  7. Time Billing
  8. Importing to MYOB from other software
  9. Customising MYOB Invoices
  10. Setting of MYOB Preferences
  11. MYOB Password and Security
  12. Linking MYOB to Word and Excel
  13. Networking MYOB
  14. MYOB Backup Procedures
  15. Restoring
  16. Customizing MYOB Reports
  17. Card File
  18. Job Costing


MYOB Support
  1. MYOB Support
  2. Customization of MYOB for your business needs
  3. Set up, installation and upgrade
  4. One-on-one on-site training
  5. Training new recruits
  6. Group training tailored to your requirements
  7. Integrity review of data file
  8. Periodic office support
  9. Business needs analysis
  10. Monthly reviews
  11. Customised user guide development
  12. Ongoing support, in person, on-site, by phone or emailInitial setup of MYOB
Accounting Services
  1. Audit of business environment
  2. Report on Audit anomolies
  3. Prepare VAT
  4. Perform reconcilliations
  5. Generate reports (profit and loss, balance sheet, etc)
  6. Train staff



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05|10 - MYOB development

MYOB is today launching its eagerly anticipated next generation accounting solutions – the realisation of a 3-year, $75 million innovation strategy and part of a new vision for the company’s market-leading business management systems..

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