MYOB Advanced

Our MYOB Advanced course is designed for participants with a working knowledge of MYOB. Throughout the course, we will explore MYOB’s hidden features, deal with those irregular transactions and learn some short-cuts and tricks of the trade!

The Advanced course delves into the depths of MYOB and covers areas well beyond the simple, everyday transactions. This course will demonstrate MYOB’s ability to customise various information and really get your MYOB company file working for your business. Prepare to be amazed at how much time could be saved and how organised you become!


Course Outline

  1. Handling Irregular Sales Transactions
  2. Handling Irregular Purchases Transactions
  3. Handling Irregular Banking Transactions
  4. Using Security Preferences
  5. Customising Forms & Invoices
  6. Recording Customised Information
  7. Creating Personalised Letters
  8. Card File Management
  9. Using Jobs
  10. Using Categories
  11. Recurring Transactions
  12. Using the To-Do List
  13. Importing & Exporting Data
  14. Using the Audit Trail



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